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What Makes KLRanch Unique?

Family:   Whether you have a family by blood or family by origin, your family keeps you centered. They are there when times are hard, to pick you up and dust you off. They are there when times are good, to celebrate and pat you on the back. They are the people you spend time with during the holidays or major milestones. Your family is what gives you a sense of belonging, of being ‘home’.

Work:   When you have a job, you can provide for yourself, maintain your basic needs and live a life of quality. Having a job gives you a sense of pride, of accomplishment, of being needed. One must have the skills for a job with proper training and knowledge of the field the job is in. The better the training, the deeper the knowledge, the stronger the dedication.

Life:   Physical, Social, and Spiritual health are the 3 core values of life. Physical health allows one to participate in life’s’ every day happenings with enjoyment. Social Health allows one to have meaningful connections with the people around them which increases quality of life. Spiritual Health gives one the ability to find purpose within themselves, to understand the role they want to play with the life they were given.

At KLRanch, we meet youth at these very basic levels; we offer them a family of origin, the appreciation and skill set for a job in the Agricultural and Ranching fields, and we support them in finding quality of life. And we do this with a “Love and Logic” mindset, a sense of mutual love and respect through leading by example. 


**We are one of the few residential ranches in the United States that does not charge for residential care. Care is provided for through donations and personal contributions.**

“The Most Terrible Poverty is Loneliness, and the Feeling of Being Unloved”

~  Mother Teresa

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